Pears’ Soap Ad

ImageImage                                                           While I was reviewing the cards from Mixed Race In A Box one of the cards that most caught my attention was the card with the Pears’ soap advertisement from 1884. Even though this ad was made a long time ago I realized some people still have these negative attitudes about people of color. Just like the previous Dove’s ad, this old ad is trying to sell a product by using a very racist strategy. It persuades people to buy this product by telling them their complexion will improve. It is sending the message that a white person’s natural color, texture, and appearance of their skin is more beautiful. This ad is clearly making a racist comment about people of color. It is disrespectful because it is telling people that if they want to improve their complexion they need to whiten their skin. I think the companies who promoted this ad were trying to support the supremacy of whites. I believe this ad was trying to persuade parents because we can see two babies. The fact that the white baby is helping shower the black baby shows the racism of whites against blacks. Also this ad’s goal is to persuade society to believe whites are most beautiful and superior. I believe all the racist ads can badly affect people’s minds and attitudes about minority groups.  Even though this ad is not realistic we can notice how racist and offensive it is.

What do you think about this ad? Can you find ads like this one on today’s society?


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